Keep fit diary week three

Jogging goes nicely, weight comes off and that is the sticking point. Keeping going on regular exercise on a diet is not easy. You cannot eat the same amount of food you did before and have to find the energy to do exercise but use your stored fat as part of the energy you need… Continue reading Keep fit diary week three

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Homeland series 3

Now they are trying to make us belief that it is OK to have the vice president of the United States killed because Brody doesn't agree with his decisions. Brody obtained the access code to the vice-president's pace maker and gave it to terrorists who made the pace maker malfunction and Brody watched him die.… Continue reading Homeland series 3

film review

Homeland series 2

I just fast forward when the lovey kissing, cuddling and love-making between Carrie and Brody comes up. It's boring and repetitive and at the moment, when the the big explosion killed dozens of people at the government, it became clear that this is not working. As long as Carrie could stop Brody from exploding his… Continue reading Homeland series 2

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land of opportunities

and of Hope and Glory. The message we give to all Commonwealth member states and the world. That we are champions of equal opportunity and that race, creed, colour or sexual orientation is no hindrance to career. Rishi Sunak embodies the Commonwealth. Born in Southampton to parents of Indian descent who migrated to Britain from East Africa in the… Continue reading land of opportunities

film review · Mental Illness


is one of the many crime series I watch and it explains exactly how terrorists and criminals who come from within our system can learn to manipulate law enforcement and use our laws to give themselves space to carry out an attack. Sergeant Brody, has already tried on the suicide vest he is going to… Continue reading Homeland

Politics · Tower Hamlets

Strategic development committee

10. August 2022, see webcast The purpose of this meeting was to determine a planning application to allow or refuse permission to gate a housing development or community. The buildings already existed without the gates since a long time. A resident argued for the gates because of anti-social behaviour and to say that locals don't… Continue reading Strategic development committee

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Keep fit diary – week two

This is going great. I lost the gorging desires for food, I also do no longer enjoy stuffing myself for comfort. Since I listened to myself and let my appetite dictate what and when I want to eat, things are improving. I no longer eat food because I took it off a shelf in a… Continue reading Keep fit diary – week two

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Set boundaries

Never hug a person without asking first whether it's welcome. That is the new rule to abide by. I'm back with the emotional stuff. Just as my own marriage was such an emotional roller coaster. It's OK to marry or couple up in any circumstances as long as it is consensual. The commitment of both… Continue reading Set boundaries


No pride for charity

I'm astonished by the amount of Pride events we see these days. Extreme amounts of make-up and dressing up, bit like the Notting Hill Carnival. Yet, this is once a year, whilst Pride events mushroom everywhere and they are asking for sponsorship, which does not go towards those who for example have problems with cost… Continue reading No pride for charity

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Common Hold

What is needed is equal standard of housing for all. Common Hold is another type of management company for buildings owned by a owner management company. It was introduced in England in 2002. I read through the government guidelines. This concept is all about owners of flats within the system having the right to determine… Continue reading Common Hold