Bitter, twisted and ugly

The earliest recorded depiction of the Germanic word Gudan, God

The earliest recorded depiction of the Germanic word Gudan, God

that is how I feel right now and deeply ashamed for preaching hate. I shall forthwith stop hating Mr Gray and the Labour Party because hate does not improve things, it deepens conflict and costs me too much money, so is unproductive.

I shall go to church on Sunday and ask God for forgiveness for letting bitterness creep into my heart instead of showing loving understanding for those that are weak.

I shall seek to understand why I cannot help those who are narrow minded to open their minds and hearts to the world to learn respect and tolerance, love and understanding for the rights of others.

Hate narrows my mind and I cannot function properly and so I shall stop hating. My diet also helps a lot, I think with losing weight and getting excess fat out of my body my mind functions better.

I ballooned to 13 stone and am now down to 10 1/4 stone. Being only 164 cm tall, I can go down to 8 1/2 stone comfortably. I’ve only ever been overweight for the last 7 years or so after I got the inflammation of my tendons from the constant cycling and now I get myself back to the usual discipline.

It’s better late than never. Lets see whether I can save this and help Mr Gray to see the light with patience and understanding.

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