Let’s get together, come on, come on

St James the Less church

St James the Less church

I would like to offer to all my opponents in the libel suits, currently going on in the High Court to come together for a calming session. What would be a better place than a church on a Sunday. We could all wish each other peace and shake hands and try to get a grip on the situation and find a solution, so help us God.

We need to find a solution to save us all costs and bring this dispute to an end. What better way than to pray together and hope for enlightenment.

Mr Osler already agreed to mediation and I would very much like to invite him to join me for church this Sunday or the following Sunday at 10:30 AM at St James the Less church in St James the Less Avenue London E2, behind the Chest Hospital.

Hopefully Mr Gray and Mr Hilton will join me too. If not I shall pray for you and for us all to come to a solution of this dispute soon. We can all hope that we find a solution, unfortunately I cannot drop the cases because I am very keen on my good name and have it restored and I hope that we can find a way for you to apologise and for me to forgive you.

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