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The Sunday Mirror’s political editor Vincent Moss is going fishing in a paper boat that is about to be sunk. According to the latest ICM poll the Liberals are to expect more votes than Labour in the next general election, pushing Labour into third place.

David Cameron strikes me as someone in the middle of the road who tries to get everyone under his umbrella.

On 30 June 2009 David attended the event “Pride at the Paramount”, a celebration of gay pride, and in the Sunday Mirror we read that David Cameron is impliedly best friends with people like Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who said, according to the Sunday Mirror, homosexuality would lead to the “downfall of civilisation”. Is it a qualitative or better non qualitative trait of New Labour and reporters of Labour friendly papers that they indistinctly exaggerate to produce false impressions?

If we dig deep enough we’d find that probably even Vincent Moss once in a while says something that is unwise or not quite fit to be printed. Maybe a distant relation knows someone who had at some time something to do with some kind of crime like most of us do or knows someone who knows someone who knows someone else who is a member of an undesirable organisation.

Again and again we hear the Conservative distance themselves strongly from the BNP, to the point that even Boris Johnson said, during his election campaign that he doesn’t want any votes from BNP members and now the Sunday Mirror tries to create an impression that David Cameron wants to be best friends with Polish right-wingers.

Its’ a little bit far fetched, isn’t it!

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