Old Labour v. New Labour = change of government

Early results in council elections 2009

Early results in council elections 2009

In a role reversal the old guard of Labour e.g. Harriet Harman and Gordon Brown build the hardcore of Labour, the old Labour leaders who built New Labour are in dispute with the new faces in New Labour.

Another minister resigned at the end of the European polls, Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell, that followed Hazel Blears Community Secretary a day prior to the polls.

Why, to put pressure onto Brown to quit to save the prospects of Labour’s position in the forthcoming general elections.

I think it just reiterates the fact that Labour is in dire shambles and regardless how often they change leadership, shift people around, the confusion just gets bigger.

Whilst the old labour faces stick to the “stand by your leader” routine the new faces want to force a shift in the leadership structure of the party.

All this happens on the expense of the constituents who must suffer the aftermath of all those resignations and party incoherency because obviously the MPs won’t have much time to care for their local problems with all those other ones.

Labour strangles itself and we all have to suffer. What an idiocy.

What in my view will now also lead to a shift in the voting pattern of our large Muslim communities is the fact that Hazel Blears is being sued for defamation by Muslim leader Dr Daud Abdullah, deputy secretary general to the Muslim Council of Britain MCB over the Istanbul declaration. the government had suspended with the MCB on the eve of the unveiling of Contest 2, the updated anti-terrorist strategic plan.

Israel exists independently since 1948 and anyone who wants to know how it came about should read the book from Leon Uris called Exodus, which explains why Israel was created as a nation. This creates another problem that has been haunting the world and it is reasonable to query whether that has led to more dialogue or created more problems.

More philosophically interesting is the question how purposeful and peaceful dialogue between religions can assist this latest conflict.
Politically Labour is fundamentally without any concept, being formally based on broad opposition to the Conservative leadership, that prevailed Britain since the ‘beginning of time’, they now find the inconceivable differences in old ideology and New Labour that tries to copy Conservative tactics, keeping old-fashioned Labour values alive. Its not possible and tears Labour apart to distract away from pressing problem Britain should be coping with instead.
We don’t just need a change in Leadership for the Labour Party we need a change of government to save us from further political disaster. See BBC comment on re-shuffle

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