I love the forest

The rainforest belt around the earth

The rain-forest belt around the earth

One of the best rain forest pictures you will ever see and I will not copy for you to look at.
I love the argument that the forest is worth more alive than dead but when do they actually stop cutting it down?

As if we are as a species on this planet are not in enough trouble already, when it gets really hot it will be to late to feel sorry for cutting down all the tress, destroying the fauna and the flora.

It shows that not everything can be turned into money, not every inch of available earth can be utilised to sell and turn into profit. That is probably what makes all those entrepreneurs amongst us who want to cultivate the whole of this planet for their purposes mad, that there are things that are better untouched.

Rainforest in pictoresque display of waterfall

The worst idea is to cut down the trees and plant edible plants or plants that can be used for bio-energy because it is just no environmental benefit in this at all. We need the natural environment to allow the earth to do what it is best doing, turn around, create the climate with its natural mechanisms that we must not destroy.

There is now very little rain forest left, as can be seen on the above map and even in Africa tribal leaders are given literally peanuts for very valuable forest areas where the trees are turned into furniture. We must stop this now.

I love the forest.

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