Desperate times, desperate measures

Desparation, First edition cover from the novel of Stephen King

Desperation, First edition cover from the novel of Stephen King

And we can all agree, the Labour Party must be desperate, very desperate indeed.

After, in 2007, lead Councillor for Housing, Mark Francis at Tower Hamlets Council, wrote his famous “good Riddance” letter to the East London Advertiser, when I had left the Labour Party in 2007 and David Osler, (member of the Labour Party Executive Committee) wrote his nasty blog about me, then John Gray also spread rumours about me for 2 years. Not even Private Eye could resist to join in.

Now I got an e-mail from Harriet Harman telling me to re-join the Labour Party.  Not to mention that the content of that e-mail is more like a story out of a fairy tale, I am gob smacked. This e-mail warns people of the Conservatives and the BNP in the same breath. It were the Conservatives who fought the Nazis in World War II and it is the BNP who admires Hitler. What gives the Labour Party the right to abuse the good Conservative name and to mislead voters?

Thanks but no thanks Mrs Harman, I am very happy with my new found friends the Conservative Party who at least have a bit more consistency in their strategy and I do not get insults from any of their members on a daily basis, as I get them from Labour Party members.

Mrs Harman of course, cannot “possibly know” that I am currently involved in 3 High Court defamation cases against Labour Party members. In the Labour Party one end of the party doesn’t know what the other end does.

On one hand Labour Party members accuse me of ……. associations and on the the other hand the Labour Party leadership wants me to re-join their party.

What a muddle there is in the Labour Party. Has the Labour Party forgotten what they did with Damian Green?

On one hand David Osler, ridicules me for inconsistency, and on the other hand his party, is a picture of inconsistency. Constant changes in the party, could not hold David Osler up from joining the Executive Committee. It has come to the point that the Labour government is riddled with too many ministers, a public relations machinery that lost its footing in a forest of know it all but know nothing muddle.
The constant meddling and changing has led to a call for fewer ministers now because not even MPs know what is actually going on in the Houses of Parliament and the government itself obviously has long lost track of its own members.

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