Cllr Peter Greenhalgh from Swindon

hopefully paves the way with his practical and sensible decision to turn off speed cameras. Why?
Because the council has to spend £320.000 for up-keep and all the proceeds from the fines go to the government.
Another fine mess the Labour government got itself into.
The Conservative Councillor quite sensibly concludes that they can spend that money more effectively increasing road safety and reducing accidents without filling the coffers of central government.
What a silly idea of a government anyhow to make local councils pay for something they cannot benefit for themselves.
the temporary vehicle activated warning signs can be seen here in my neighbourhood, they are speedometers, if I might call them that and each time a vehicle approaches and is over a certain limit a flashing warning comes up.

Whilst Road safety charity Brake calls the decision reckless, I would say it works well here in my neighbourhood, Tower Hamlets, a Labour Council.

But out of fairness to Brake,and the drivers, I would say that if a council maintains speed cameras out of their own budget, they should also be getting the proceeds.

Report on Yahoo News from Michael Holden

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