lack of community support

This report about a lack of social support for needy families highlights the lack of help where it is needed, we do not get from this Labour government.

My view is that poor communal services, delivered by untrained volunteers makes things worst rather than better and people in need of direction and social stability can become exposed to shallow attention.

Especially here in Tower Hamlets we have seen how community centres suffer from a lack of qualified workers support, centres are left to untrained volunteers and events are  held that encourage anti-social behaviour rather than stem it.

The budget for youth provision in 2010 has been cut by 5% and the families relying on that support to help their growing teenagers are left yet again without the much-needed support.

Taking into consideration that many young persons will leave school ill-equipped to deal with the requirements of our ever-increasing sophisticated society, we suffer from an ever-increasing splitting up of family units into more and more single ones and a lack of emotional support for those who need it most.

The highest budget in youth provision in Tower Hamlets  is channeled into after-care, the care needed to help youngsters who have committed crimes, been given ASBOS, youth being rewarded for bad behaviour.

What is needed is financial and personal support to help stabilise families so that their children do not stray into the wrong path. The only solution LBTH can come up with are more civil police support officers and police officers stationed in schools, schools who themselves look more like prison compounds than educational institutions.

If we are not careful and cannot avoid the ever-increasing criminalization of our young generation we’ll end up with a split society, those who end up in the jails and those who just manage to be able to cope on antidepressants.

No doubt churches can deliver a lot of that much-needed support and it is up to the media to bring church going back into fashion.  Clearly the social fibres function better in Muslim societies whose church affiliation are still intact, we can learn from them.  Apparently it is the Christian churches that are in decline and that turning away from religion makes us poorer and not richer.

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