What’s wrong with democracy?

Is that it has no control as to quality and quantum. So if enough crazy people vote in a crazy leader, then that is accepted as a democratic decision, regardless of how much destruction it may cause.

When I saw this poster of David Cameron on Facebook where he holds a placard with the words: Another 5 years of Labour your choice, I thought well I wish it was because it is quite clear that Labour is not able to run the country or my local authority yet enough people keep on voting them in regardless of how bad they administer their constituencies. Apparently in Tower Hamlets only the minority of eligible voters goes to the polls but had we gotten a law about the quantum of voters, the picture could turn out quite different.

Why would people in their right mind vote in a council that sends payment reminders to those paying by direct debit because there are bank holidays over the Christmas period? I have plenty of direct debits but no other commercial organisation complains about my payments over the Christmas period with the exception of Tower Hamlets council. Well maybe the fact that 2/3 of councillors are non Christians helps to understand this mismanagement of our council taxes.

Allowing the running of a public administration on a minority vote is asking for trouble and unfortunately the long march through the courts is very long because if something goes wrong the nearest objective legal stopcock is the European court of Human Rights who enforce the Human Rights Act, able to prevent an abuse of the rights of the person. What does make the system so expensive is that one has to go through lengthy legal proceedings in the country’s courts first before the European Court can look at it.

What is wrong with democracy is that it allows locals to vote in tyrants and despots and allow them to do the job until they do it so obviously disastrous to the detriment of the population that an outside military force has to stop them from doing it. The question is what can we do to prevent this from happening again? What objective measures can we put into place to stop locals making the objectively wrong choices? Apparently the quantum of wrong decisions doesn’t make a decision right in any case.

We should allow a direct comparison to the Human Rights Act in local decisions but for that purpose the Human Rights Act doesn’t go far enough, because it should be a major heading in the Human Rights Act that everyone has the right to drink clean water and breathe fresh air.

Incidentally what brought the Roman civilisation to its knees was the fact that they drank poisoned drinking water from lead pipes but because all went crazy at the same time, they did not know it or notice it until the barbarians managed to topple them because then the Romans were too weak to defend themselves against the continuous attempts of the Barbarians to overthrow them.

Looking at  that example, we could also bring the other obvious one, the Germans voting in Hitler. Those types of developments are merely an expression of local desperation and what we need is the ability to step in at the beginning of things going wrong instead of waiting until a considerable amount of people have suffered humiliation and death or deterioration of their health.

We’ve seen it with the asbestos, the cigarettes, now the cars, then earth warming but there seems to be no ability to stop it in the tracks. That’s what’s wrong with democracy. I do not have a solution to the problem but know that there is a problem and I want people to think about this more.

Obviously there is no perfect social model that does not upset some people within it but there is not enough objectiveness on local decisions and democracy is not a good measurement at all. I am not saying, get rid of democracy, I am saying improve democracy, so that it builds in quality controls that avoid abuse of the system.

Once could say, if enough people want to be terrorised by their leaders let them, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way because those terrorising their own often enough try to widen out their terror and want to terrorise others as well, as we’ve seen with Hitler, the Taleban and others. It’s not only those extremes that are a worry because we cannot wait until problems escalate to such extent that they do become a worry to us all, we need to stop wrongdoing in its tracks. We need less personal greed and more joint up thinking and Labour can’t do either in my view.

Here in Tower Hamlets voting for Labour has become a local habit, people simply cannot think above that old habit but when they count the cost of voting Labour since generations they should make a more sensible decision and allow common sense to prevail. Unfortunately the weekly brain-washing paper East End Life doesn’t help. See also this article in the East London Advertiser.

Of course the argument of cost comes up to put an objective measure of value and righteousness and if the cost doesn’t justify the means then a policy should be scrapped. Such demands require an independent panel to enforce such measures because here in Tower Hamlets we have a Labour Council wasting tax payer’s money and we have a Labour government that is supposed to curb that bad habit and somehow the chances of that happening are very slim indeed.

You could argue we already have the courts and the House of Lords and now also a Supreme Court and the Juridicial Review process but non of those really avoid widespread health risks or money wasting councils or government policies.  It takes years to achieve any change and then only once things have gone disasterously wrong. Maybe the monarch should be able to interfere into parliamentary business and local government decisions, we haven’t tried that one yet have we?

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