Despicable Union tactics

The Unite Union calls the latest high court judgement in the BA dispute regrettable and that it doesn’t make a bit of difference in their dispute against BA [link]. Is this just another incidence of floating about in Cloud cuckoo land and is this more evidence of the Left’s inability to face the facts?

The High Court has now twice ruled against the Union in the dispute with BA and the union carries on as usual, as if nothing has happened, continuous to ballot for strike as if there is nothing else they can do. Well there is obviously nothing else they can do. Unions are not very innovative and somewhat boring and have not learned a lot over the years it seems.

I always thought BA to be one of the proudest British firms and as such I believe they do the best they can to have a good relationship with their workforce and to nurture that good relationship. I’m certain that if BA were doing excellent business, they would improve the perks of the work force but understandably cannot reward behaviour that goes against the company.

What the unions do not understand is, that BA is a business that has to work according to the market conditions as they are and I always thought that if one works for a company that one has to do the best for the company and not act in a manner that damages the company. So why does Unite want to damage the company their workers work for?

I have not heard one good argument from Unite, e.g. calculations, business proposals and profit projections against which they base their arguments.

Of course no company in the world can continue on a contract if the trading conditions change considerably and the unions have so far never shown sufficient flexibility to even remotely understand that simple little principle.

I think the unions should take their contributions and send themselves on some courses in economy, business and accounting, that would be useful. I think the concept of life-long learning was even invented by Labour, why not lead by example?

And then maybe if the union members have gained sufficient qualifications to understand what the issues are maybe they could just reinvent themselves!

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