Education can reflect a school’s religious character

This is a very, I would say extremely important new law that finally puts it in black and white that we still have the freedom of religious choice.

Morals are the glue that holds our society together, gives it meaning and value. This new law allows schools to teach sex eduction in the manner they see fit, as long as it teaches the basic biological basics, according to this BBC report.

This law is also important because it allows churches a choice on what their attitude towards homosexuality and gender changes is. 

Whilst homo-sexuality has become a human right, as per rulings of the ECHR, we all must not discriminate against people who are practising it, but at least we do have a choice not to promote it in all ways of life. That is an essential right to all of us, that we have a right not to include it in whatever we do.

There are many people who would rather not have sex at all and in the olden days those type of people joined a church to live a life in solitude. This was important in the days when marriage was the accepted lifestyle for both men and women. Today we have the freedom to be professional or single and we do not have to have sex if we don’t want to. I think it is important to promote that as well. The original church teaching is no sex outside marriage, I fully support this and that lifestyle should be taught more in my view. 

We need more morals and less sex and not more sex and less morals.

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