Farewell to Alex Heslop

Of all the Labour councillors in Tower Hamlets, I think Alex Heslop is the best dressed and always smart one. Each time I see Alex the King’s song “He is a dedicated follower of fashion” comes into my mind, a well-known ear worm from the good old days.  Alex definitely stands out for style and sense of fashion in Tower Hamlets.

As much as one can like a political opponent Alex Heslop is likeable and is always well-behaved and friendly. So why Labour failed to re-select him as Councillor candidate shows that Tower Hamlets Labour doesn’t give us much choice from the point of individual’s and character of their councillor candidates.

I also think Alex was a candidate approved by the Co-operative party. I just read this in the East London Advertiser and thought I remark about it as I went canvassing with Alex when I was still a member of the Labour Party and he struck me as very efficient. I am sure Alex could find a big welcome with the Conservatives. We like well presented young men. I can only speak for myself on this one, but its a good guess, I hope.

On that note I always wondered why Denise Jones (New Labour), when she was leader of the council, wore black clothes and I now have a suspicion it was as not to upset some Islamic members of the council. When we look at the House of Commons female MP, many there wear gay and bright clothes to their own and the entertainment of other MPs and in any case it brightens up the place. I think that fashion or anti-fashion seems to play a big part in Tower Hamlets council these days.

Alex is probably one of those young men wanting to go into politics who chose Labour because it was the only party that had a lot of weight in the area, but that is changing now. I think the Conservatives have very good prospects at the next elections in Tower Hamlets.

Looking at the other three rejected ones, I think they might all be steaming, but don’t join Respect, come to the Conservatives instead, who are a growing might in Tower Hamlets with real prospects for the right candidates.

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