Proposed BBC cuts

I agree that the BBC budget be cut and services reduced. The BBC website is now so big, it’s almost impossible to find anything. There are a few good gimmicks on there, e.g. the household calculators but do we need the BBC to do that for us? I think not.

The BBC needed very little money to continue important world service functionality during World War II and what it is doing now is becoming a state sponsored entertainment service. Many of those services can be provided better by private and independent companies.

During the last few years the BBC has become a Labour mouth piece, so much so that people got removed from positions for the most innocent personal remarks in back rooms. The organisation itself has become over controlled ideologically and turned in on itself.

Apart from this, the general users can ill afford to pay for services, which are not essential to all that use it. The BBC should stay an essential service and run on a budget as small as possible and not become a world-wide encyclopedia, entertainment and library service.

I think its very hard to find anything on the BBC website nowadays as most news get lost in its archives and are very hard to retrieve.

The BBC must  stay affordable for all who pay the obligatory TV license and all other services provided for by private enterprise paid for by demand of those who can afford to pay for it.
We are now having a turned around economy where private enterprise is in decline because the state machinery has started to swallow it up in the best Communist fashion, which is exactly what this Labour government wanted to do.

We have a very similar situation here in Tower Hamlets, New Labour’s  stronghold in Greater London. They produce their own Council funded weekly paper and the commercial newspaper in the area has to fight to survive. Of course the council run newspaper only prints what suits the ruling Labour council. This is not free expression and free speech it is repressing freedom and choice.

I used to work for the German Service in Bush House and that was closed because the political situation had changed. And that is what the BBC is all about, bring essential message services to those who suffer from repression and not to influence our ideology in Britain the Labour way.

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