Labour’s new mentality

The hardline Communist strategies are upon us. If you can’t shoot them disintegrate their personality, is Labour’s latest trick.

Anyone who opposes Labour and has ever had bereavement counselling, debt counselling, victim support counselling or just plain counselling or ever sat on the fashionable shrink’s couch, has profound mental health problems, according to Labour.

 The day’s of seeking to cry your eyes out are over, it’s Hard Labour from Labour. The only outlet for frustrations Labour does allow, is …. now let me think, you guessed it, its going on strike over a pay dispute.

There are no other emotions allowed with Labour, emotions that include therapies, doctors, psychiatrists especially are not well liked with Labour Party members.

Labour members think any psychiatric treatement makes a person unfit for life and unable to argue anything.

Well there you have it, vote Conservative at the next election, rid us of the terror Labour spreads in the work place and in our minds.

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