The Labour curse

Having just visited the sickening John’s Labour blog, I must make a few comments.

Unfortunately I have to visit that blog regularly as Mr Gray spends a lot of time publishing more lies about me. Of course everyone knows by now I am suing the man for libel in the High Court but otherwise do not care much about his views because he has a right to his opinion but the more I look on his blog and see the constant stirring up of hatred about this, that or the other, I wonder what choice I have when I am confronted with such persons who provide services to all of us.

In this blog John Gray criticised the Conservative Housing policies; and Mr Gray himself wrote that he criticised a Chief Executive whom Mr Gray accuses of wanting to get rid of family friendly policies. Yet Mr Gray wanted to interfere into my private and family life by accusing me of under-occupying my flat, when it is none of Mr Gray’s business, job or whatever to involve himself in my private life. In fact Mr Gray constantly sends me e-mails asking about my private life, past or present.

 Incidentally Mr Gray used to be a senior housing officer with my landlord Tower Hamlets Council when he wrote defamatory stories about me.

All Mr Gray ever seems to be doing is going on pickets, meetings and protests. His friends always seem to strike and protest about something too, Yet they are public servants of one type or another and I am asking myself, would I be safe in the hands of such persons, when I as Tory need any health treatment or other public assistance.

I have already experienced how Mr Gray acted in his position as housing officer towards me.

Luckily when I needed an operation a couple of years back the NHS referred me to a private hospital, and there I was not reliant on the services of a left-wing unionist. I was actually operated on by a Harley Street Surgeon.

I would like to have a choice not to be treated or having to deal with left-wing trouble makers in whatever service I need. Obviously the way they speak about Tories makes one frightened about them, as they are not objective in their views.

Considering such radicals have access to confidential data, for example Mr Gray, who works as housing officer but hates anyone right of the Labour Party, what guarantee is there that he doesn’t abuse such data? Mr Gray keeps on asking me about private matters and makes the most ridiculous suggestions from the data he does obtain during that libel trial; suggestions that he is not remoteley qualified to make.

I do not think that people are safe with left-wing personnel if they are not left-wing themselves and that might be a key as to why boroughs like Tower Hamlets find it hard to escape the Labour curse because people could be afraid of the left-wing staff that serves them in all kinds of services.

Residing here in Tower Hamlets I cannot escape the left-wing dribble in the shape of East End Life, and despite having informed the council that I do not want that paper, they do deliver it anyhow. In it, I don’t think there is one person that is not left-wing friendly unless they have been voted in, like a few Conservative councillors.  Recently the Chief Executive has been forced to leave his post too.

There must be stricter monitoring of employment laws to ensure that there is a good mix of political opinions in the work place. I do not even think that elected councillors, council leaders should have a choice in the employment of personnel so that people cannot get employed by the colour of their political skin.

We must rid ourselves of this uniformity of left-wing habits. It’s already too much that people automatically feel affiliated to the left-wing scene just because they are poor. We must break the mould, so that you do not feel you only can be a Tory if you can afford your own home or a Mercedes. You can become a Tory if you buy economy food and wear cheap clothe and live in a council flat. There must be better values and perceptions of Conservative thinking.

The constant discrimination of Conservative Executives is more than rude, we should make it clear that such discrimination is not appreciated. Because that is what it is, it is sheer discrimination if people lay down their work just because someone who is affiliated to the Conservative Party made an order or is in charge of workers. The dimwit philosophy practised by left-wingers is so stupid, people should be ashamed to be seen with left-wingers who can do nothing but picket, strike and be against something instead of contributing something to be proud about. We must break the mould so that left-wing activities become something only slobs and lazy people do. It’s not good for our morals in the work and family sense, we must reinstate good morals into Britain.

Customers of any service who are confronted with a left-wing activist at work should complain to the management and say that they do not want to be served by that person to discourage their striking habits.  Complain say the strikers cost money and it pushes up prices if time is wasted by them.

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