Canvassing with Zakir Khan

I went our canvassing with Zakir Khan yesterday and I am now even more impressed with him than I was at the open primary that got his chosen to be the parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow.

Zakir has a big and winning personality and is in touch with the people he is trying to reach and in fact he is reaching them. When we went canvassing yesterday Zakir managed to engage with voters and got promises of sympathy and most importantly votes at the next general election.

Also present were Conservative Councillor candidates. Almost each and every resident complained about the service provision they receive from this Labour led council and wanted to engage in discussion about matters close to their heart and to their purses.

Leaseholders’ charges are at the tope of the agenda for everyone. Whilst Margaret Thatcher enabled us to purchase our council flats, this Labour council now makes as much misery as possible for any leaseholder.

Many tenants that moved to the area recently do not know how well our estates were maintained when the country was under Conservative governments that supplied councils with plenty of money to maintain housing, contrary to today when councils are forced to fend for themselves, which usually results in lots of parking fines to earn revenue for the council.

Even when the council was liberal they could only make those delightful improvements to our area because they gotten plentiful supplies of money to do so. Imagine a Liberal council under a Labour government today could not make any more improvements to the area in respect of maintenance for lack of money.

Zakir did not stay long with us because he then attended a football match organised by the Safer Neighbourhoods Team in Victoria Park.

I ended up with a nice tan on my face after a day’s campaigning in Weavers with the local councillors and feel fitter for it too.

If you wish to help with the forthcoming elections in Bethnal Green and Bow for the Conservatives please feel free to contact them here:

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