Nick Clegg more popular than Winston Churchill

According to Nick Robinson’s blog Nick Clegg is more popular than Winston Churchill in a comparison to Dunkirk. Well, I don’t know what Nick Robinson had for breakfast today but it must have been something very special to say that a party that wants to allow convicted murderers and paedophiles to vote is more popular than Churchill. Just to even put such issues as a priority shows that the Liberal Democrats are out to shock and use the effect to get people to vote for them out of boredom. We’ve seen the phenomena with George Galloway, who is a very funny and brilliant entertainer in the Hackney Empire but has little clue about real politics.

The Liberals do not have any serious agenda, they merely put pressure on those who know how and make their life that little harder with ridiculous priorities like letting paedophiles nd convicted murderers vote. Maybe Nick Clegg wants to volunteer to deliver their ballot papers in person, or would he suggest the postal vote perhaps?

It is kind of sad that politicians need too much spin to get a vote and the good looks and youthful charms are what got Tony Blair into government and in the last US elections the powerful women’s worker’s vote was what secured George Bush the presidency.

If certain politicians give us the feel-good factor, its just like watching the favourite actors in our best soap. To be good on TV one just needs a some natural talent and acting skills and this is what can make a political leader these days. It is a natural result of the mass-media that screens ready-made entertainment into our homes, that we just like the guy or girl that makes us feel the best.

I tested that out for myself when I posted completely un-edited clips, recorded on my computer camera and there was only one person who thought the message in the clip was factually good and historically correct but the rest just slammed the short film into the ground because it wasn’t entertaining enough, with other words it was not spun.

The media produces mass hypnosis and probably in the end political parties will come to train prospective parliamentary candidates in acting and speaking lessons before they allow them to stand for any political office. Candidates could be selected with criteria like how photogenic they are or how they come across on camera. Luckily for Gordon Brown those criteria were not important for him but then he pushed through when his more popular fore-runner quit and left him in charge of the situation. The Phantom of the Opera effect is what we’ll see in politics in the future, when the serious guys work quietly behind the curtains and we’ll only see the popular fronts acting in front of the scenes.

Is anybody today still really interested in getting the fine details or is the majority of the population just content to get happily presented politics and would not complain as long as they have their food on the table?

It can be hard to get people to leave the TV and come to meetings in the community to discuss matters of importance because many rather just slump in front of the TV after a hard day’s work and many won’t even come out to vote any longer because everybody expects things to go on smoothly because it has always gone on smoothly. We simply do not have nasty surprises because the British just always functioned and went the way of righteousness.

I think people need more active encouragement to take part in local decision-making themselves and get a better direct relationship to the problems that are facing politicians today instead of getting ready-made solutions presented to them.

Politics these days are merely consumed with negligible participation and we can see as little as 35% turnout in elections. We need to increase an interest in polls but to give the vote to criminals is not the way to increase the percentage rate and that the Liberals want to attract fringe groups like criminals as one of their first priorities shows that they happily slap in the face the hard work serious politicians put in to contain criminality when the Liberals want to make them feel better about their crimes and status as criminals.

Maybe Nick Robinson and Nick Clegg had breakfast together, to feel like a band of brothers and to come to the point of thinking that making criminals vote is what Winston Churchill would have wanted and that it is that, which makes Clegg popular.  Oh my God, just had a thought, is this the reason why the Liberals are so popular in the former home of the Kray twins, that the Liberal Democrats want criminals to vote?
But to bring this conversation back round to Winston Churchill, we had here in Tower Hamlets the sad occasion arising that the Labour led council decided to name 2 tower blocks after a well-known Russian anarchist, who gotten himself engaged into a shoot out with the police here in Tower Hamlets and incidentally at that occasion Winston Churchill attended and almost gotten himself killed in the process. And whilst here in Tower Hamlets Labour and the Liberals are great chums, we see that the support for criminal action is prevalent in the minds of those who want to give criminals equality.

Labour’s and the Liberal’s strategies to fight crime and anti-social behaviour are not constructive and effective enough to make a difference, a difference so great that we would actually see a reduction in crime and betterment for society. And this qualitative difference in the approach is often not transparent and covered up with spin and good public performances. Nick Clegg reminds me of the cheeky chap character, that’s all  he is.


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