BNP 50K promise

When the BNP promise all non-white immigrants £50.000 to go back where they come from, I wonder whether they hope to attract the votes of those hoping to get the money, those who are homesick and think they can start a new life back home. Those would most likely be the only ones to vote the BNP in on such a promise.

For the rest of us, to get rid of climate change policies, sounds a little dangerous as we have to try and keep our environment in working order. Yesterday I saw a fully fruited orange tree in the middle of Bethnal Green LONDON, a sure sign that earth warming has already settled in happily.  I wore a t-shirt for the  first time at the end of April without a cardigan over it.

The “promise” to get paid to go back home, is a sure sign that the BNP has no intention to give up the racism, and therefore that policy won’t ever take off, as it is essentially in controversy to European laws.  Griffin says that British indigenous people would be in the minority by 2050, but what are British indigenous people, I’ve heard a rumour somewhere that the British Isles had been subject to invasion from all sorts, the Vikings. the Kelts, the Romans etc. The only successful invasion attempt stopped was that of Hannibal and the Germans, though our Queen is half-German.

What is going to happen is, if most whites are going to be in the minority what we’ll see is most likely some conflict going on between Immigrant groups over who will have the overall lead in the country rather than the probability that an all-white policy is ever going to take place. Scientific statistics put the regression of the white race at a steady pace anyhow. We have been very busy helping non whites to gain strength and now we see ourselves overrun by them, what’s wrong with that? We wanted international peace and harmony and equality, who are we to complain now? The times of international supremacy are over and we might as well eat the soup that we cooked ourselves and live in harmony. So far Griffin’s ideas fall short of essential quality because as it looks to me at the moment, we are dependent on food imports, imports of other day-to-day essential items, and raw material and even other manufactured goods. How is Mr Griffin going to make sure that Britain is going to have any type of economy at all once all non-whites have been expelled and Britain has left the EU and no other allegiances in the world left because of course other countries don’t need to import from us?

Its’ OK to have a dream, Nick Griffin is to the white romantic idea the same as Martin Luther King was to black emancipation. King got himself killed over his ideas but the black people rose in equality, wonder whether Griffin has got similar plans. Hitler had similar plans to tear up international treaties and ended up killing most of the white people he so adored. Seems Griffin hasn’t got any better ideas.  I read this story in the Guardian online.

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