Margaret Thatcher on Socialism

Having just trawled through David Osler’s site full of nonsense, I then came across a YouTube clip from Margaret Thatcher called “Margaret Thatcher on Socialism”. I think the answer she gave Mr Hughes from the Liberal Democrats is brilliant, and puts it all into the nutshell, that wealth has to be created so that it can be distributed and shared among the poor.

And the Conservatives did a good job in sharing the wealth all around, we had better play centre provision in schools, better housing standards in council homes and estates, more jobs and less taxes. We even got social security benefits easier under Conservative rule, we got free furniture, moving allowances, new clothes when our weight changed, etc.  We all  had dentists as well.

Today Gordon Brown in also accused of widening the gap between rich and poor, yet he has not managed to share that wealth as well as the Conservatives could, New Labour has cut play centre provision in schools by stopping subsidies, cut service provision in social housing and NHS provision. Now under Labour many cannot even get a dentist any longer, whilst we all had a dentist under the Conservatives.

We must vote Conservative on 6 May because if we don’t we will stall our economy completely.

When I read through the list of Osler blogs, one was once published called something like, why can’t socialists use populist methods and I thought well they do, all they ever do is moan and complain and that is very popular but those politicians that create constructive wealth are popularly ridiculed by socialists and left-wingers alike, so they are very populist among themselves.  I reckon they all much more prefer to live in Cuba where all are equally poor.

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