Exit polls

The best news from the first exit polls is that the Conservatives are going to win but that they are about 20 seats short of an overall mjority. Yet even if Labour makes an alliance with the Liberals, both together could not have majority.

It is great to hear that there are long queues outside of polling stations because high turnout always helps to keep radical parties out and increases the winning changes for the Conservatives. After all we had here in Tower Hamlets freak wins of Respect, thanks to low turnouts.

Yet the people who have to queue feel scandalised by it, we can see that our rural voting structure is geared towards low turnouts. I just hope that polling stations stayed open to process the queues and not shut in people’s faces. But unfortunately the law says polling stations must close their doors at 10pm sharp.

A prisoner who tried to get a court to grant an injunction that he be brought to a polling station because his term in custody ran out 20 minutes after polling stations closed had his application rejected.

If the Houghton and Sunderland South result is anything to go by, then results will exceed the poll projections. because there was a higher swing in Sunderland towards Conservatives at 8.2% than predicted.

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