Crunch time

The Lib Dems announced that a deal is due within 24 hours, at least their decision on the negotiations, both with the Conservatives and New Labour.

Unfortunately the media happily agreed to the New Labour trick, which is to make the electorate belief that Labour would be wonderful without Gordon Brown and that, as soon as he is gone, everything is going to be alright. Do they think we are that simplistic?

I do not think one moment that New Labour is going to be any better with or without Gordon Brown, it is thoroughly incapable of governing this nation, make responsible economic decisions and reform the country. So far we have seen too many reforms already, and to reform already bad reforms leads to even more confusion and splintering of the fibre of our society.

Labour has played many psychological tricks on us, first when good-looking  and youthful, energetic Tony Blair became Prime Minister on the basis of his hopeful folly.  Then the “ugly”  Gordon Brown took over and united the country in hate against him, just to culminate now in a solution that says, everything is going to be alright as soon as a new leader is announced.

Politics are not just about the persona of the leader, not in our western democracy. It is about the persona of the leader in countries like Iraq, that admired Saddam Hussein, in some African countries with the likes of Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe. New Labour wants to reduce our democracy to a cult following for one particular leader and forgets all about the politics. I have not heard one good quality argument from New Labour during the last 13 years.  We had chopping and changing and the only thing that stood the same was the tactic to stick to the leader.  Unfortunately New Labour has reduced political decision making to a circus and when I saw Gordon Brown put on a show in our local venue the rich Mix accompanied  by talkSport, I knew that this is what Labour’s politics are all about, a show to capture the masses but with little political impact other than minimalising Britain on the international map, using talkSport radio for a political performance is using the methods of George Galloway.

A Labour/Liberal alliance, though favoured by all those left of the political spectrum will dive Britain into economic uncertainty as all the serious investors will stay away and even the RBS has announced further staff cuts, most other business have moved away already, companies like Burberry for example and we’ve had not one serious negotiation that would attract new and major investors to our shores. Further strikes were announced by BA staff.

Since Labour has governed our high streets have changed. The variety of outlets  has been replaced by food shops everywhere, our highstreets have become boring and blant  with the exception of major shopping centres, the average town’s shopping outlets have been reduced to staple merchandise. The reason for this is because Labour has driven the more suave businesses away and not because of the economic crises. If it is the economic crises then it is because many businesses simply do not want to trade in Britain under a Labour government because the conditions of trading are not investor friendly. We have to suffer the consequences if we allow Labour back in the seat of power, avoid that please, David Cameron.

A Labour / Liberal alliance would splinter this country into more confusion and less certainty. I think that if the Liberals want to play the trumpet of New Labour David Cameron should either form a minority government or call for a fresh election, at which more people will focus their vote towards the main parties and the Liberals are the ones who would lose out even more than they already did.

 Britain’s  destiny always rested on a whole country decision making and if the focus is now left to the needs of Scotland or Wales as main priority, we’ll fall apart. Those parts of Britain have been offered more autonomy but lost their businesses due to England’s bad politics under Labour and not because they are part of the United Kingdom. In any case David Cameron has promised more devolution.

As it stands now England is the financial capital of the United Kingdom and with it comes pollution overcrowding and a high cost of living. Do the countryside really want to copy that. As it is due to earth warming business from London will have to be decentralised to other towns and that strategy will have to be developed over the next 50 years anyhow.  London is currently fighting very hard to become more important for financial services  within Europe and that focus will be lost if Labour’s failure to capture businessand nvestments furhter damages our infrastructure.

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