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I am not quite sure the legal situation in how far Prince Andrew has to attend certain events as part of  his royal duty, yet surely he has a right to sell himself for speeches and attends otherwise. All politicians charge for dinner speeches, opening ceremonies and that is their good right.

Considering how much we have reduced the tax payer’s support for the Royals it seems cruel to make them stop making money from their positions. They have to make a living as much as we do and because their tax status and legal status has almost reduced to commoner and they only party rely on a state income for ceremonials duties I feel they must have the right to earn extra with paid for attendances. Yet Prince Andrew denies any knowledge of the matter.

It seems Fergie is the favourite black sheep of the UK press, the poor woman, I feel sorry for her. Just as Supermodel Kate Moss gets picked on frequently. It is really sexist because we hardly find men being trashed like that in the press on a regular basis, except of course a former boyfriend of Kate’s.

When Kate Moss said, she likes feeling skinny it was branded as irresponsible, yet it only reflects the medical advice we get, and I also read that our lifespan is lengthened the less overweight we have (research). So what’s wrong with Kate’s remarks. It is the responsibility of the modelling industry not to contract too thin women, those that are at the edge of starving themselves to death and not show them on photos to admire. See also the “how long are you going to live” calculator

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