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A concession from the Hon. Justice Eady

The order has arrived, the order following the judgment in the case Kaschke v Osler. Now  before I labour down to submit my application for permission to appeal I want to let you know that Hon. Justice Eady has given me a small concession.

I did make submissions for the order and supplied a draft order in which I asked for permission to appeal. I again, this time better and more graphically explained to Justice Eady the nature of my complaint in relation to the laws of the UK.

The Honourable Justice Eady has agreed to stay costs if I make an application for permission to appeal before 8 June 2010. That is of course an offer I cannot refuse, the stay on costs if I ask for permission to appeal. I think what I wrote hit home.  Thank you.

Considering that Osler wanted to have me added to the list of vexatious litigants I am glad that such an order was not made, as I believe only people who repeatedly sue the same person on the same charge without success get added to that list.

Robert Dougans wants to make the law stricter by having asked to add me to that list just because I filed similar law suits against various defendants. I have been advised by a lawyer to bring those cases as well.

I think the Labour and Union Defendants are unable to appreciate the long-term effect of the ruling against Osler in respect of the complainants and on the Defamation law itself. Dougans was only too happy to take on the Osler case for free because it is in the interest of right-wing politicians to stifle the right to complain in defamation and enforce section 10/2 of the Freedom of Speech rule under ECHR.  That is at least my interpretation of that very odd marriage of left-wing labour members with a right-wing Conservative Lawyer. I do not believe Robert Dougans when he said he only took  on the case because I filed a few similar suits against various defendants.

There is certain evidence that some lawyer gotten hold of some confidential paperwork years ago and  passed it onto Osler and also Iain Dale promised Alex Hilton support years ago and a good ruling against Osler also helps Alex Hilton. Iain Dale having submitted a witness statement in the Osler Application about publication on websites and saying that posted content on the Internet doesn’t necessarily get read but I have missed the part about the Google profile. That is exactly the stuff Justice Eady wanted to hear.

Addition on 30 May 2010
Seriousness aside, the offer of the honourable Mr Justice Eady or in short the RCJ is a bit like the discount offer I received from a store in the mail. They offer, “order by 4 June and get 15% off”. The RCJ says “Apply for permisison to appeal by 8 June and get your costs stayed”. Wow, the business approach comparison is remarkable.

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