Where politics and church collide

Can anybody in the western world today be a Christian and a politician? The answer for the mainstream church seems to be no because the church wants to condemn homo and same sex sexuality whilst the state law forbids for this to happen.

I must admit I have difficulty understanding the exact meaning of this BBC article on Dr. Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury. But it seems to me that the mainstream Anglican church follows the same basic line as the Catholic church does. The Pope has called on all Catholics to oppose same sex legislation or promotion of homosexuality whenever possible.

There we see the difference between Islam and Christianity when in Islam there is no separation between church and state but in Christianity there is. Can our democracy be strong enough to withhold the push of Islam into the Western World when our obvious disunity is met with unity from Islamists?

Of course the whole concept of Christianity is one of church against the state as Jesus himself established the Christian religion in opposition to the Jewish King. Yet in early Christianity the Church has the overall control over all Western nations by making them answerable to the pope but since we get rid of our monarchies the church’s influence has diminished to obscure and minuscule dimensions. Of course the more clever Muslims are aware of that and push for more democracy rather than less because they know that the influence of the Christian church in the western nations needs to diminish in order to allow Muslims greater advancement.  Yet the Christian churches’ only stronghold were the Monarchs who lived under the rule of the Catholic church and when that was broken up by the Anglicans or Protestants, things began to change. In Germany is was Luther who nailed his thesis on the door of a church and that was taken up by King Henry VIII who was fed up with not being able to get divorced from his Spanish wife.

I feel that neither of our political parties have gotten hold of that concept yet and trail behind with their thinking.  Yet interestingly I think Prince Charles fully understand the problems and has offered to become head of all churches in England, which was of course rejected by Muslims.

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