It’s make or break for British monarchy

We must give the Queen the money she asks for. If we cannot even have a monarch in splendour what can we have?  We cannot have a Queen that dresses like a pauper or lives in a shabby palace, short-staffed, crimping and saving.

The monarch is the glue of our society, makes us strong again and brings in tourists dollars, what a wonderful combination. Of course since her Majesty has to pay taxes she definitely cannot be expected to make up a short-fall out of her own wealth. Who has ever heard of a poor monarch? We would be the laughing stock of Europe, if not of the whole world, if we could not even give our state celeb some luxury.  What will foreign honoraria think if the state banquet is a butler short.

We owe the Queen some gratitude, we owe the monarch gratitude, Britain became great under Monarchy and has only regressed since we have that progressive Democracy, lets not forget that. I think giving the Queen more money is sensible investment in the future of Britain. Lets not all be poor to make ourselves feel good, lets at least have some splendour where it matters most.  God save the Queen.

I’d drop all my lawsuits in exchange for a lowly job at the palace so that the savings can be used for the splendour of the monarch, I mean that.

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