The forbidden fruit

I went to the Paradise Gardens festival in Victoria Park yesterday with the family and it was a living fairy tale the way the whole event was themed. Central to the entertainment was a giant who presented himself as a sort of Pagan god of the trees. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work during the day, as the shutter refused to open but the giant went around the festival grounds and made a very impressive and charming figure. He was the heart and soul of the festivities. He was the one who called upon the moon at nighttime, and was booed for it.

The giant at the Paradise Gardens festival at Victoria Park 2010

The giant who called himself the maker of the trees at night on the lake calling upon the moon during the Paradise Gardens Festival 2010 fireworks spectacular

There were a few pagan elements to the festival when at the end the moon was called upon to judge the people on earth and how they mismanaged resources with wishes from children to do less damage to the environment and recycle more.

Though the overall attempt to remind people about how precious our planet is was an excellent one. We saw stalls from Tower Hamlets Council healthy living initiatives.  Please follow this link Paradise Gardens festival  to see the organisers own website and all attractions that were available at the event.

The police were well represented, I saw a total of 6 police officers in uniform around the grounds. According to the event management there were only 5.000 people watching the very expensive spectacular at the end, which is a very small number compared to the 60.000 people said to have visited last year’s event.

I enjoyed the stall offering fresh herbs in a variety of origins, showing the proprietors great knowledge of natural healing and herbal remedies, as well as culinary skills. the festival was a commendable effort to let many arts and crafts stalls offer their wears that combined with commercial stalls and many food outlets from around the world.

The fun fair, though very nice and without doubt very expensive to maintain, costed quite a lot per ride, in terms of local families not being able to afford a lot of rides on the prices.

I doubt that many vendors made a lot of money on the first day of the event because of a relatively low attendance. I thought the grounds were not crowded at all, but of course the areas offering alcoholic beverages, especially beers were well attended and so were the seating areas around those bars.

The New Orleans style Jazz tent attracted the most crowds, but still you see plenty lf grass, showing that the crowds were relatively small at the Paradise Gardens Festival in 2010 on the Saturday.

The tent were people made wishes to be floated on the lake at night during the Paradise Gardens Festival in 2010

Children could make wishes in the Giant’s tent during the day, those wishes were then floated in the lake at night, and were supposed to float around to light up the lake but unfortunately the wind didn’t like the idea, it would have had to blow from south to disperse those lighted wishes but it didn’t and so they all crammed up on the south shore.  The weather wasn’t great but tolerable, I think though that the dogs did get s soaking, that were placed on a large area of the green to be given away to people at around 5pm. I would have preferred children instead to remind people to be kind to, instead of dogs though.

The giant described the earth as a paradise we live on and the Paradise Gardens as his paradise and that reminded me of the forbidden fruit and I thought what is the forbidden fruit in this festival and I thought of the cash machine that was available for people to draw money out to spend at the festival. It was very well attended and attracted long queues (10 people). In biblical terms of course paradise didn’t know any monetary value for goods, it was just god and nature and the apple tree. So is the name Paradise really fit for today’s world?

The bejewelled dragenfly and the water lilie, 2 of the special floating features around the lake at the Paradise Gardens Festival n 2010

It must have been very expensive to design the art work for that event, that was commissioned by Tower Hamlets council.

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