Call to ban trans-fats

I am more  than pleased, I am ecstatic that an official body calls for a complete ban on trans-fats in the food chain.

Those fats just linger  in the boy, clog up the arteries an cause those ugly body fats that are hard to shift. I noticed even just cutting out fats, but otherwise continuing a  normal diet would lose you weight. I now avoid eating biscuits to bulk up the diet and do not give them to children either.

We should get  a  special food allowance because on  a  low wage or  benefits one simply cannot afford healthy living. I have already cut out salt, well almost completely, I do not use sugar but find healthy foods unaffordable at the rate that I would need it. But to feed children healthy is expensive still. I think eating a lot of trans-fats might even trick the body into a self-destructive mode and seeking to have more and more of the fats that slowly throttle the body.

I do not think  that there is anything wrong with eating natural fats. I have heard of a very old woman that mostly ate cold pork fat, so that is a natural fat. Farmers used to use milk fats to make butter and curds or soft cheeses and cheeses. I do not know of any vegetable fats a European farmer would produce with the exception of olive oil, that is imported from the Mediterranean.

My family ran a totally organic farm and produced everything from butter to cider, but I cannot recall them using any unnatural fats ever. The NHS watchdog says 40.000 out of 150.000 annual deaths are preventable by having healthier diets, reducing salt, saturated fats and trans fats could save the NHS £1 billion per year. Ironically wer are now being told to cut out the healthy natural fat to be found in milk, the body does need a certain amount of fats to sustain itself, but to cut out the natural fats an replace them with trans=fats or unsaturated fats is stupid.

Well of course I did not ask for the manufacture of such products. As I said above, my family ran a completely organic farm, that was totally self-sufficient, they only bought in bakery products and when the government then paid them to stop that healthy lifestyle, they went to work, leased out the land and that put, nationally in Germany an end to organic family farming. The shops got stocked with unhealthy products and now the health services cannot cope with the problem that governments have burdened us with.

Well we are always told to do what we are told and if you protest you are seen as a trouble maker but it was the governments and businesses who produced unhealthy foods that are responsible for that problem not the people who were told to stop farming organically in the 70s and 80s.

The problem is that people are allowed to govern us that have no proper relationship to the land or lost their instincts for what is healthy and good for us.  Unfortunately education is measured only in terms of intellect but not in terms of healthy living instinct.

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