Gone to the dogs

I think society has reached a low point in human terms, in that it is today cheaper to buy a tin of human food than it is to buy a tin of dog food. Does that mean that the value of a human is less than that of a dog? Or does it mean that humans should be discouraged from keeping animals.

On the global front we see that we endeavour to allow animals as much freedom as possible to follow their natural instincts and roam around freely but in our society we curb free movement by placing poor persons on a strict diet of monetary shortage so that they cannot afford to travel.

Do nowadays Animal Rights Activists get more say than Human Rights Activists?

There is a relevance to such thoughts in that in times of human nihilism like Ethnic cleansing is like a threat that runs through all types of fascist up-risings, whereby humans are forcibly displaced to make way for the “better race”. See Kosovo, Darfur, Germany in Hitler times, Cambodia. In all those cases, rulers see fit to curb the movements of indigenous or groups of people to fit in with some disciplinary regime.

Yet this human degradation never touches the issue of animal rights, in fact Hitler was a great defender of Animal Rights and Vegetarian, though he easily killed millions of people.

Whilst we condemn Travellers for doing what our natural instincts tell us to do, not far from the animal herding instincts that force animals to travel for food, we condemn humans for doing similar things.  Of course we have a well established network of food and water supply.  (Not far from the Roman viaduct system), We displace humans from their natural environments to fit in with the given world-wide discipline, whilst we feel animals have to enjoy the freedom to roam. Are we trying to transcend our own sub-conscious desires into the animal word, the deep embedded instinct of feeling free.

Whilst we usually think that whatever is the most expensive is the best, should we now start to eat dog food and leave our cheap human foods to the animals instead?

I think whoever are the people who are in charge of governmental decisions worldwide should take into consideration that our culture is a fragile thing that can break one day, just like the Roman culture broke one day, unable to continue because its leaders were crazed by drinking water from lead pipes. Today’s general poison is drugs, though we make sure all food and water supplies are strictly up to standards. We see a social interactions of drug takers with people in the highest positions and that is something that is of concern today. That might imply that some decisions that are made might be detrimental in the long run and do damage to our culture, but we won’t be able to stop ourselves now and will never be able to reflect on our decisions until we allow ourselves to step back and become fair again.

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  1. Johanna Kaschke
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 17:56:53

    Hm, I thought about that, what would happen if we all were millionaires, the sea wouldn’t be big enough to anchor all the yachts.
    Well we certainlly can’t afford to keep animals on the very civilised level that we need to on a lower income.


  2. sehnen
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 17:32:00

    I think, myself, that the ever-increasing expense pet suppliers and veterinarians are foisting on the animal-keeping public is both 1. greed, and 2. an attempt to get only the most financially well-heeled to keep animals. As if the rest of us with thinner wallets don’t DESERVE to have animals in our lives, because we have failed to achieve a certain yearly income.


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