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Most significant of the possible long-term effects of ethanol. Additionally, in pregnant women, it causes fetal alcohol syndrome.Of course at long last we can discuss the 24-hour drinking laws and now even the police dares to say that it was a mistake. One can count it up on one hand, that if you earn more revenue from alcohol taxes you have to spend more on the extra drink-related problems, one doesn’t need to be a brain of Britain to work that one out.

Sir Hugh Orde makes a lot of sense, because effectively the extra opening hours make more revenue, which is spent on extra police. So where is the benefit?

Obviously the police does not get enough money now to play around with numbers and wouldn’t it make more sense to curb drinking and spend less on policing because we won’t have that many problems. It even saves on health care costs. In my area the police had to make a considerable effort to control drinking youth that get the alcohol somewhere and congregate in just about any old corner to drink it.  I think tolerance doesn’t start with allowing people to drink themselves into a stupor, it starts with allowing people to express themselves in a constructive manner, rather than escape reality inside a bottle.

Why do we almost jail people for smoking in public when we allow them to drink themselves to death at the same time? Either we do care about our bodies or we don’t. It does matter in the end, whether we drink ourselves to death and smoke ourselves to death or whether we only drink ourselves to death because taking both options probably is quicker but only one option is not better in any case.

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