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Just reading an article about Battersea Dogs Home and that increasing numbers of stray dogs have to be destroyed despite being healthy but for reasons of uncontrollable aggression.  

I have grown up in a classical farmers environment where animals were looked upon for human value and not for sentimental motions like they are pets that deserve our sympathy. Animals were kept with a minimum of comfort to the effect that they could be of use for human consumption or protection in the case of guard dogs.  

Now I live in this big inner city environment for the main part of my life and see the completely different relationship people have to pets and even wild animals in that animal cruelty plays a big part and some people are considering whether some animals deserve their own legal entity because they are found to  have high IQs.  

Yet do domesticated pets fair worst than those semi wild animals that live uncontrolled in our cities like foxes. Without doubt foxes, rats, other wild animals pose a threat to humans but they have never been domesticated and are mostly smaller than some dogs, that pose a direct threat simply because they are large and don’t hide away. Stray dogs would roam around freely and feel confident amongst humans whilst foxes and rats don’t. But the latter ones can gome out from the hiding places to attack humans on occasions.  

The fact is that large cities, which have strictly controlled social rules and contexts are often becoming more and more unable to cater for the old-fashion family dog in the city, that was left to roam free in the part, because decades ago there weren’t that many people and/or dogs.  

Today that is quite difficult, especially in inner London dogs have to be kept on leads, and there are quite a lot about. It must be difficult for an animals that cannot satisfy the animal instincts that are its main communication method and therefore it seems cruel to lock animals away in flats by themselves. They are bound to become very unhappy and aggressiveness is often the only way to communicate that unhappiness. Should we restrict the number of dogs allowed into human society by re-introducing dog licences after careful scrutiny of the prospective owners because the irresponsible keeping of dogs that then end up in the streets, posing a threat to humans has to be weeded out.  

Similarly should we have to take greater strides to also cull the voluminous amount of cats, foxes and rats, though it is impossible to control the movements of wild animals that travel freely around the country and can enter a town at their will.  

I think inner cities are not the place to take risks and stricter animal controls should be in place to both curb irresponsible dog ownership and the number of potentially dangerous wild animals that occupy our cities. Would foxes be driven into the cities to escape fox hunts in nature or does the absence of fox hunts provide a breeding ground for unreasonable numbers of foxes that will pose a threat because they cannot find enough food in the wild and will turn onto humans for food, especially in the cities.  

The larger picture of course is how much rights should animals have to survive on this planet, how important are they for the natural balance of this planet’s environment. Because in the end we humans need a well-balanced environment to be able to live in it and I do not think that we could survive in an environment that is not fit for animals to live in as animals make an important part of the bio-sphere around us. I do not think that we can synthesize nature to completely adjust the functionality of it to our sole will and cut out uncontrollable animals behaviour.  

Most of the time wild animal behaviour is predictable, in the case of bees we can predict their useful activity in pollinating plants, that grow food for us to eat but those bees are part of a bigger biosphere and we have to be very careful not to mess with this with fatal consequences.

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  1. Peter Reynolds
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 18:01:10

    I am a dog lover and always have been. If you want true love and companionship get a dog. If you’re greedy like me get two! They’re much better for you and far, far cheaper than a wife. Other needs can be met in other ways not for discussion here!

    Dogs are animals not humans. It is absurd when people talk about the “humane” treatment of animals. Although I adore my dogs to bits and I spend more time with them than any human, they are way, way down the priority list compared to my human friends and relatives. They deserve respect and appropriate treatment at all times. What they need from me is exercise, discipline and affection – in that order.

    I say bring back the dog licence with compulsory microchipping at a rate that will deter irresponsible owners. Let’s say £100 per annum with a 90% discount for pensioners.

    Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to be registered within central London and other big cities. It’s an unsuitable environment for the dogs themselves and for humans to live so close to them. Obviously this would have to be phased in over time.

    As soon as my boys were old enough to walk they experienced me shoot and dress a rabbit. That’s given them a foundation about reality, life, death, animals, food, morality, etc, etc which I think is very important.


    • Johanna Kaschke
      Aug 02, 2010 @ 22:27:27

      I have a Sharpei and he hates other dogs, he cannot share the space. I have to take him out where he doesn’t meet other dogs or he would be terrribly unhappy.


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