An eye for an eye

Just listening to the radio I learn that a man has been jailed for the 73. time for committing the same type of drug addicted crime and he keeps on getting short-term sentences without any prospect of him stopping his habitual law breaking.

Some people say that the criminal justice system in the UK is the most liberal in the world and that we are the laughing-stock of the world whilst in Saudi Arabia people had their eyes surgically removed to equal damage done to a victim and now one man is sentenced to having his spinal cord severed as punishment for injuring and crippling his victim that way.

The commentator asks the very interesting question how can we retaliate without becoming savages?

I would say there is not only the obvious physical or financial damage there is also a lot of emotional and moral damage that can be inflicted through crime and how is one equally punish for that? A bloke that makes girls pregnant, just to get married to a woman but then leaves all his girlfriends single mothers is hardly being able to get equal punishment. Or somebody whose pride has been damaged cannot get equal retribution either.

The theme of crime-prevention of course is prevalent in all discussions and the underlying social problems cannot be addressed in a hurry. I heard on another blog yesterday that the Taleban stoned to death a woman and a man who went sexually astray to keep the good morals going in Afghanistan but this is not the type of punishment anybody would even consider here in the UK for blokes making girls pregnant without any type of financial or emotional help to raise the child.

The Human Rights Act allows anybody the right to a private and family life even if that involves taking drugs in that private setting or being immoral and even  if we cut out all drugs and drink we still would get some that could not cope with any laws.

Also the population numbers and density of housing play a part in crime and the ability to defend oneself is practically zero both in terms of instrumental equipment and physical strength.

I think that only social pressure, naming and shaming, can help to prevent crime because if anyone who has committed the same crime 73 times sees their poster plastered around town or on TV or an a website to warn his fellow citizens of his inclinations will think about changing their lifestyle if he then also is shunned socially for doing so.

Drug addicts should lose their jobs if they have one, that includes especially high earners, so that those who chose clean living get a chance to be rewarded for being lawful. but instead we see that those breaking laws keep on getting rewarded by not losing their jobs, so that keeping the law has no rewards but a clean police record and no money to show for it.

In the end it boils down to financial rewards and if those who break the law can keep on living in luxury, then keeping the law seems nothing but stupid.

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