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Again I am enraged by the new Home Office proposals to pick on the easy victims of drug addiction and present an artificial solution to a big problem. The government picks on the easy victims of the vile drug trade, the benefit recipients, who have fallen addicted to drugs, but who, in my view make the minority of drug users. I feel that it’s more likely the richer addicts that make the bulk of the drug trade and not the benefit recipients. I read this on the BBC today.  

I want to see statistics, a break down on how wealthy drug abusers are and where they live instead of having the easy option, blanket approach that seeks to punish those that are the easiest to punish, namely the benefit recipients. Incidentally I asked for a breakdown of drug-dealing crime figures to ascertain how much dealing takes place from flats as opposed to the streets, there are no such figures available.  

The drug trade is a billion pound illegal industry that is fed by those rich addicts, the wealthy users and not by those at the bottom of the heap of our society. That again shows that our government OK’s it, if you are rich enough to pay then its OK to use the drugs and only if you are not rich enough and live on state handouts, you are to be punished. That exactly acknowledges my fear that society OK’s drug use as long as you earn enough to pay for it and those high earners are in often public and prominent positions and admired by fans and the media. It stinks to the sky and in the gutter, that approach, that I think is not fit for a British government to be taken.  

It’s not only the Conservatives to are taking that easy option, its all governments regardless of political colour. Think, think again, think harder, you people at the top.  

There are increasing drug addicts coming forward who are already in employment, not to mention those celebs who are frequently shown in the media as on the drug trail. As a society we have to stick together and condemn all types of drug user and not just those who are on state handouts.  

In my view this is the proof how corrupt British society these days has become, you can do wrong as long as you can pay for it but those who live on the state have to obey to the law, when it is clear, in my view, that the majority of drugs come into this country because the rich addicts can pay for it and not because a few benefit recipients use drugs, because for those few, the trade would not exist.

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