will sympathy help cure drug addiction

Even though I personally never have been addicted to any drugs or alcohol for that matter,I gotten sort of involved with the problem in my role as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for my area. In fact had I not gotten involved in the Neighbourhood Watch I would never have found out that a drug problem exists in my area. That is how strong the difference is between cultures, that you have to be one to know one.

Yet in the latest report due on the addiction problem we are asked to be more sympathetic towards regular drug users and not to stigmatize them as outcasts. Yet isn’t this request for more sympathy only helping to dilute that strong diversion in society between the drug and non drug users and is more likely to convert non users into users rather than the other way around.

All drug users have to do is stop using drugs to be accepted. I do not want to ever feel sympathetic towards drug use and that helped me and my family to stay off drugs because we never even thought about it at all. I think that the gist of that report is plain wrong and asks us to have sympathy for the wrong thing and is likely to do more harm than good.

The drug problem is a bit of a Trojan horse in our society, in that in a bad economy people are more attracted to bad things that are addictive and what we really need is more employment and not a preaching that tells us that people cannot get employment because they are on drugs, when there is not even enough employment to go around. See also Peter Reynolds on that subject.

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