Internet Stalking

I came across the concept of Internet Stalking yesterday for the first time when I saw an article on the BBC about it. I instantly felt that this applies to me. Today I also saw an article on MSN about how Facebook plans to deal with stalkers.

What is most interesting in this article is the statement by an officer of the CPS that Internet stalking affects all walks of life, which involves also politically active persons. So far I have constantly been told that political activists have to put up with all sorts of nasty online comments and activities.

On Wikipedia we can read about Cyberstalking and there is an interesting definition where it says “Stalking is a continuous process, consisting of a series of actions, each of which may be entirely legal in itself.”

On a BBC article we read that service providers are reluctant to crack down.  The same BBC article also mentions the following: “Groups that support victims of online harassment say those targeted can suffer from anything from low level abusive messages to orchestrated campaigns.”

Researchers are trying to find the true level of Internet stalking at the moment. The CPS (Crown Prosecution Services) has unveiled new guidelines to prosecutors.

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