Rahman won, Tower Hamlets’ left won again

The Left adopted the same basic tactics they started off with the expulsion of Ken Livingstone and George Galloway from the Labour Party, in that those expelled always win elections as independents and they are true to the Labour Party but have the support of the Grass-roots members. Mr King got a disappointing 1/7 of all Labour votes cast.

Again Lutfur Rahman was expelled shortly before the election, causing an emotional uproar among the community who then engaged into voting Rahman in, who was supposed to be the real Labour candidate. In Labour we see this phenomenon now that there is the official Labour and real Labour candidate, who all basically work into the hands of the left and Labour but win on independent tickets.

It’s rather sad for those wanting to see some sombre reality taking place in Tower Hamlets but there we go, unless the electorate turns out to vote, and votes for sanity, we will be stuck with the loony left running Tower Hamlets.

This mayoral election had a very disappointing 25.6 % turnout. Rahman won with a first-round majority of 51.76%.

The total number of votes polled for each candidate was:

  • Helal Uddin Abbas, Labour Party – 11,254
  • Alan Duffell, Green Party – 2,300
  • John David Macleod Griffiths, Liberal Democrats – 2,800
  • Neil Anthony King, Conservative Party – 5,348
  • Lutfur Rahman, Independent – 23,283

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