Down the Hatch

Child killer Colin Hatch has been murdered in prison. This BBC story tells the gruesome circumstances of that killer’s conviction and it is very sad that the justice system failed to send that man to Broadmoor because he was thought not dangerous enough. How dangerous can one be who systematically abuses and kills little boys. Again, here we see that society does not think that children need better protection from child killers.

It is therefore one of those unusual cases where criminals amongst themselves have taken the law into their own hands and delivered rough justice. I do  not want to see lynch mobs running our land but would want to see more responsible jailing decisions to keep society save and stop criminals to strike again,when that can be prevented.  Still what many justice officials and especially those on parol boards do not understand is that many criminals know exactly what they have to say and how they have to act to appear pleasing to assessors but then go on to kill.

If Justice disciplines the killer of Colin Hatch with severe punishment and sets a precedence to show that criminals that kill almost certain child killers will be severly punished that will send a shock wave around the country.

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