vulnerable “easy” victims of Tower Hamlets cuts to frontline services fight back

Just as Tower Hamlets tries to sneak in more cuts to frontline services, it came across a group of victims that grit their teeth and threaten legal action. Of course it is the “easy” option to cut services to the disabled and other vulnerable users who are not likely to fight back, so Tower Hamlets council thought, but they are wrong. A group of disabled users threaten to seek a Judicial Review over the closure of their day-care centre. w

Well done to the users of the Resource Centre in Southern Grove.  The East London Advertiser reports about this story.

I really wish those customers of Tower Hamlets frontline services the best of luck with their quest. Should their complaint be heard by the High Court then of course Tower Hamlets council will have to explain how their spending cuts come about, explain why those cuts are unavoidable in the light of scandalous waste that is going on in this borough.

So far Lutfur Rahman has promised a review of East End Life but has to cut to the chase and cut services first before he has fully examined the council’s finances. I think the information paper of Tower Hamlets council can be very much slimmed down to the essential public notices and also that most information could also be printed via the East London Advertiser, the commercial weekly paper. People can also be asked to collect news sheets from council distributors just as we have to collect our pink recycling bags already.

How about justifying top management costs and the cost of agency staff. How about explaining the cost of the luxury, rented, leased town hall in the Isle of Dogs? How about explaining the high costs of implementing the Arms length Management Organisation Tower Hamlets Homes who generated enormous costs in re-inventing housing management throughout the borough?

What worries me is that I have not heard much from Rushanara Ali to help the situation at all.

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