Clarke looks a softie, is he soft in the head?

Even though Lord Justice Thomas ruled against me in my permission to appeal application, I must agree with him on his stance against Ken Clarke’s ideas to introduce American style plea bargaining for all sorts of crimes.

How easy would it be for repeat offenders to get off time after time just because they plead guilty early enough. The streets would be littered with rapists and women could not walk around without fear.

If  the rapists’ plea bargaining was accompanied by some sort of surgery to castrate such offenders then I would agree to early release but as it is, men who rape women cannot control their bodily functions, their chemistry and just “have to rape”, they cannot control their sexuality. A combination of plea bargening and medical treatment would make trials cheaper and help save women the agony of having to go through lengthy trials to prove their innocence.

Certainly Mr Clarke’s policies would keep police forces busy and force an increase in the police numbers when the government just wants to reduce the amount of police officers on our streets.

Frankly I am very disappointed about my own party’s approach to safety and security of our communities, our country. Yes it is correct that it is better to fight the sources of crime but just releasing criminals early because they plead guilty just allows them to repeat the offence earlier.  Using therapy costs huge amounts of money and unless there is a quick physical solution like castration it would just increase the amount of sex offences. Germany for example offers child sex offenders to have themselves castrated so they escape a sentence but here in Britain, Clarke just wants to set them loose on our communities.

A government has to protect the rights of individuals and the population and do so cost-effective. We all want a better quality of life and allowing criminals to re-offend more often does not improve anything for anybody but just increases crime and costs.

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