The Great financial confusion

Today, I mean society today, reminds me a bit of what I belief the Great American Depression was like in the first half of the last century. Jobs losses, cuts in services and misery all around. Stickers are on lamp posts to save the NHS and stop nurses from being sacked, articles in the papers that hospital waiting times get longer. Indeed my own hospital appointment was put out that little bit further as well. The most ridiculous suggestion I read recently was that a financial consultant has advised the NHS that they could save money by stopping tonsilitis operations. So lets all have some very sore throats in the future then.

Yet I do understand that, as a nation, we have to make with what we’ve got and earn what we want to have. But when I hear that we cut disability benefits, it makes my blood boil to find that alcoholics can get disability benefits so that they can buy more booze and overweight people get disability benefits and a mobility scooter. Often, so I hear some disabled persons spend their benefits on drugs as soon as they emerge from the post office with the cash, whilst the dealers wait outside for them to relief them of their cash.

So why does our wonderful new government not bring some sense into public finance and divert benefits to those who need them and cut them from those who suffer only because of their own excessive indulgences. Why do so many people refrain from drinking so they can do their jobs that little bit better, why do so many show responsible attitudes and earn very little money with it, like those aforementioned nurses, who are in danger of losing their jobs, when others can just let the pig out and get rewarded with extra benefit pay-outs?

I think what a government must do first of all is bring sense into this madness that we call today the welfare society.

I received my letter that my ability to apply for a pension has ben put off for another 5 years, but where is the job I am supposed to be doing whilst I am too young to receive a pension? But on the positive side I can claim 50% off my bus fares whilst I am unemployed and look for work. That is putting value for money where it is needed.

I often think that life has now become so complicated that even those who sit in positions of power do not know any longer were to direct resources to because people on good incomes just do not understand what life on the bread line is like.

Rents are artificially inflated by excessive housing benefit levels for modern housing developments whilst council flats stay on low rents. Often the modern housing has small rooms whilst old-fashioned council flats are comparatively large flats with old-fashioned amenities like bathrooms, kitchens and hall-ways.  We see 1 bedroom studio flats advertised from 170 – 240 per week whilst 4 bedroom council flats can cost as little as £120 per week. Whereby the 1 bed studio is only 1 room whilst the 4 bed council flat has 4 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, hallway and living room.

It seems the modern developers need some type of guarantee that they can generate certain rent levels to make their investment worthwhile. It seems that not only housing cannot be levelled out to generally acceptable rates so that everyone can afford to live somewhere but also the benefits cannot be distributed effectively to those who need them really.

The UK’s 2-class lifestyle has now divided not only housing, rents and wages but also benefit levels into ridiculous and helping addicts to purchase their alcohol and drugs even better and into those benefit levels to those who can just about afford food and basic clothing but nothing else.

The UK is unable to find a formula that allows fair rents and fair benefits and wages.

Quite obviously if council home rents where adjusted to modern commercial rent levels, rents would go through the roof whilst benefits could not be raised to cover the cost because housing benefits artificially inflate rents in the private housing market. Addicts could not come off their addictive substances if they got less disability benefits because there is no efficient health service in place to help them to come off the drugs/drinks. Yet it is often only because of high benefits that local drug dealers and off-licence shops stay in business. I should say its a bit of a fine mess the UK is in.

PS: See here an article and statistics from the Department of Works and Pensions

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