Can you afford to publish

It’s all about the money, the right to publish what you want to publish. It’s all about whether you can risk having to pay damages. The individual has no right to an advance warning of a publication about ones private affairs. The ECHR allowed Mr Moslely to loose his case.

Of course the whole principle of freedom to publish would be overturned had publishers a duty to seek advance authorisation of a subject of a publication. It’s a money game in the end and the cleanliness or morals of someone’s sex life are subject to public scrutiny if one is rich enough to sell papers from it. That is it in a nutshell.

It ties in with what I said in an earlier blog, that those who make and have money, make that money from the tears and sweat of ordinary people,  people who pay high prices for products and services and those publications are built in with the price. Any individual that is a celebrity these days are under public ownership, there is no doubt about it.

Of course its all about the money, money. It is not enough that people pay their taxes, they still make a lot of profit from their takings and public morals do not stand for sexual exploitation in any event, sexual exploitation of those who are vulnerable to it.

In our society we do not have any strict public moral codes in dress or behaviour but it does raise eyebrows if unusual private lives are led by some. I suppose if people are worried about their families they could change their habits as not to risk to offend their wives, children and wider family members instead of gagging the press not to reveal if moral conduct could offend them.

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