Cloud coockoo social worker’s mansion

I wonder whether the proposal to allow social workers more direct decision making is supposed to be a joke or not. Considering that in my area social workers consist of immigrants, who hardly lived long enough in Britain to speak the language, I cannot see how allowing such new additions to the culture to make more decisions about the future of children.

All I can understand is that the local and national authorities are looking for ways to further certain families and repress others. Social control is what its all about, so that some children are raised under the mantle of the state to obtain more population control.

There is a lot of discrimination going on today. First of all clever but poor children are kept in place by a comprehensive education system that allows easy discrimination against clever but unpleasant children, that means children from families that are not favourite of the state.

In Birmingham an attempt was made to control whole population groups with spy cameras. I understand they were never switched on and are being removed.

It is obvious that the social fibre of any society rests on the shoulders of individuals and their families and friends and what is happening in Britain today is selective discrimination in favour of favourite families of the state.

In local schools children are selectively chosen to be furthered by selective education and that spans as far as local scout groups, where children are discriminated against by not getting places or being held back. Of course that is besides the big discrimination of poor families they suffer by just not getting any money so that their children cannot take part in any social activities that happen to cost money. That may include further education.

It is all about the social pecking order and those who are unpleasant to the state are discriminated against and a lot of effort is done to keep them small. Of course we have seen how really oppositional the right and left in the UK really are in that they work together the whole time and support each other. In the UK it doesn’t matter whether you are left or right as long as you are part of the social network that is on top, that is all  that matters. The press is only part of the puzzle that ridicules those that need a public dressing down because they have fallen out of line somewhere. But even that little bit of attention shows that Social and political corruption is more than rife in the UK today and alive and well.

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