Impact statements from victims of crime

It should not be a new thing but something that should have happened all along that a victim of crime and others who suffer from the impact of crime can have taken all their financial and personal injuries taken into account. Why is that only a new thing in Britain since about a year?

It is in my view because Britain just does not want to know about victims very much. Even the impact statements today are flawed and faulty and incomplete. The resounding problems of violence from housing to mobile phone contracts, to extra travel costs and phone calls are wide and far-reaching and there is little or no financial help available to those who need it. In fact a victim  of domestic violence can be out of pocket for thousands of pounds just because of housing problems by having to flee domestic violence and housing providers refusing to pick up the cost of this.

I am coming under the impression that victims of crime are still the underdogs and are the real victims not only from physical violence but also from the aftermath of having to attend to the social and financial problems caused. Especially when perpetrators are part of the establishment, the families that are top dogs in the UK today the victim stands little chance to ever recover from the ordeal in any which way you can think of.

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