Prime Minister is on the ball

And again, David Cameron shows leadership when he says that a minister must have the ultimate power to sack employees of a service as he, the minister is in charge of the service.  David Cameron criticises a ruling, in which Sharon Shoesmith wins her case on unfair dismissal. She had learned from TV that she had been sacked.

Isn’t it the nature of sudden events that they can harbour also sudden sackings? It is a clause in almost every employment contract that sacking can occur spontaneously under certain circumstances.

This is not the first time that David Cameron has queried the powers of judges. The other occasion were the privacy rulings of late, whereby prominent persons can have a secret double life, protected by the law.

It almost seems as if the law wants to protect social workers who protect child killers. Sharon Shoesmith is quoted as saying: “You cannot stop the death of children”. This is an astonishing statement from someone whose job it is to save children and protect them from harm. equally perplexing is Sharon Shoesmith’s statement that it was really Ed Balls who brought the Social Work Department into malfunctioning by sacking her instead of admitting that her department had been in disarray all along.

I just wonder where it all goes wrong in Mrs Shoesmith’s mind, that mind that thinks that children die anyhow. Does the woman even belief that Social Workers can do any good at all? I am asking myself why did she want her job back if she beliefs that children die in any case?

Again I would like to strengthen my call for a better qualification structure for Social Workers, who should have to go through much tougher qualifications, which are standardised and are to the highest expectations.

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