record number of children saved from abuse

That is highly appreciated that children are saved from ever increasing paedophile networks, which incidentally established themselves by using the internet.

the child exploitation and online protection centres has a big role to play that large networks of child abusers were found out and stopped. Many children were saved.

It is very important that in the future, with rising food prices, that paedophile rings cannot start to exploit poor third world youngsters. I think funds need to be channelled into the future of protecting poorer children from remote regions from abuse.

Whilst we are so fast to provide poor Africans with their own laptops, we also simultaneously must ensure that poor children are not subjected to exploitation.

I find it hard to understand that child-abuse can still establish itself in a country like the UK when children are in school for 8 hours per day but therefore it seems logical that child abuse now manifests itself with ever younger children because there is little protection for those toddlers.

Living here in East London, I think that Tower Hamlets has a good initiative by providing Sure-Start full time nursery care for under-fives but understand that this scheme is the only  one in the whole of the UK.

We must ensure that our children are protected from abuse, that is an absolute priority. The long-term problems, which are caused by child abuse are immense and it is an excellent investment in the future to prevent child abuse at home and abroad.

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