Mr or Mrs Nobody on the spot

I wonder whether it is foolish or exceptionally brave to try and take on Simon Cowell. Everybody knows Simon Cowell as one  of the most straightforward blokes on earth who went promptly to a police station to report malicious publishing about the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show allegations.

I think that anybody who seriously had concerns about show fixing with good evidence, would be stern enough to do so with their name and giving at least their address. Again we have this wishy-washy anonymous doubt raising reporting about something that is dear to the nation but will appeal mainly to those who are jealous of other people’s successes.

I shall follow this with interest to see whether anything will come of this because that will pave the legality for future incidents of that sort. Ronan Parke of course is a schoolboy finalist in the show and though I do not watch the show, I read online about the rumours and scandals surrounding it.

Is there anything at all that can be done these days without some anonymous blogger putting in their poisen pens? If the police take this up then the blogger will have to show a defence and if he hasn’t got one, its going to be malice most likely. But what is the point, if its some poor pennyless blogger, he won’t be able to pay any costs but will simply only have to go through a lot of court hearings to set a new standard about Internet blogging.


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