A wake-up call for Cameron

Whilst Osborne is bathing himself in the glory of the recent IMF findings on his economics policy, academics in Britain are not so sure that the changes to education and in particular university funding are equally well thought out. It must be a concern to any government if no less than 175 Oxford academics put forward a motion of no confidence in a policy. Even the biggest enthusiast has to take this into account. There is a talk of a funding gap, that figures were miscalculated. But having this happen at such a level is a bit above the joke factor really.

I think it is merely an inflationary policy to raise uni fees that much, leading to price rises all around and helping to create that untouchable academic elite, the chosen few, who cannot even be sued by the little man any longer because legal aid is withdrawn simultaneously. It literally then boils down to being one of the chosen few and its history in the making. A selection process will take place to ascertain who is worthy of being on the top of the pie. How fair that is going to be is another question.

Labour hugely inflated student numbers with an even more inflated number of subjects to study whilst the Conservatives now drill it down to a minimum number of students with less subjects to study. It’s again a case of swift changes that have not properly been thought through. I became aware that posts of such policy making powers pay consultants up to £300 per hour and that is a lot of pay for being able to continue playing your Facebook games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille. Why is it that people in key jobs cannot do such decisions themselves but have to pay others in to do the work for them. Why are jobs not given to those who are able instead of having to purchase the talent in at huge prices?

There is talk  that the whole funding model is wrongly calculated and wow that is more than embarrassing. The question already arises how have the people to decide that funding model been chosen? I think the whole of the UK upper crust in academic and political terms is highly selective and the should be overhauled to allow better talents to be discovered and get a chance to sort out the mess properly. It really is a matter of elitism to get to a stage whereby leaders simply tap each other on the shoulder, praising each other’s mess as if it was the best thing to do. They have to listen to the voices of so many Oxford academics who should know what they are talking about. I blame the 5 yearly elections for such situations arising because that is the pattern in which changes have to take place. There is no open dialogue and a very small number of people are responsible for large scale changes that affect all of us and are not properly thought through.

There must be a fundamental change in attitude to even consider who the people are who devise such changes. I think the UK has to have less secrecy and more open dialogue and fairness all around. During the run-up to the elections all we ever read was about Michael Gove’s ideas and no indication was made to the general public to submit ideas on education policy and proposed changed. It was a sudden decision that had been dreamed up by a very few select few people literally overnight. I think such fundamental matters must be more transparent and more people involved into the decision making process.

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