Happy Birthday Boris

It’s Boris Johnson’s 47th birthday tomorrow on 19 June 2011 and the Back Boris 2012 campaign could not get a better start than to wish Boris Johnson Happy Birthday with good wishes for his next year.

Boris Johnson has again brought out travel card wallets, which is very appropriate, since he is in charge of transport. This time the wallet contains a scan code for smart phones. Boris has so far done a brilliant job and his latest project is London’s overground rail network that will put 20 of the 33 London boroughs and 30% of all Londoners within 15 minutes walk of an Overground station. In the next 4 years Boris will spend £4.6 Billion to make London’s Underground more reliable.

On transport, severe delay and disruption are down by 5% thanks to measures to improve traffic flow on roads. Crossrail will increase London’s transport capacity by 10% and provide a £42 billion boost to the economy and generate 30.000 jobs. Olympic venues have been completed in time and on budget.

Boris has the special campaign website called BackBoris2012. And you can contact his team via e-mail if you wish to help with the campaign.

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