Andrew Berwick the Manifesto

I just heard that the Norwegian terrorist, that killed almost 100 young people has published a manifesto to explain his Knights Templar manifesto.  There are prospects that he gets a minimum of 21 years in jail with the option of no release if he is seen as danger to the public. There are calls for a media black-out to stop his views from being published or discussed in the media.

Here we have the problem that we had so many times with lesser criminals to not allow them to publish books to make a profit from their crimes. In this case profit from publication doesn’t seem to be the problem but publication of views itself is the problem.

Is that in line with basic human rights to have views? Of course the basic problem with Mr Berwick’s action is that he killed those he wishes to defend from the influence of Islam as it seems to me that he is trying to prevent the manifestation of Islam in Europe and his manifesto, that is linked to here, tries to negotiate those thoughts. I have not read it through, have only just found it online. I read bits like Saudi Arabia has spent 87 billion US Dollars to spread the message for true Islam.

OK I completely appreciate that hardly anybody could match that amount of spending to legally influence the spread of an ideology in the world and that sheer veracity of propaganda will turn people’s heads. That at least explains the spread of very expensive Mosques around the country.

But what I would like to know why, if Mr Berwick, which is the Anglicised version of his name, wants to stop Islam from spreading, why does he shoot Christian people and non Islamic youth?

Is this a case of mixed up mind, is that the same phenomenon we had with Adolf Hitler, whereby he proclaimed he loved the blond blue–eyed people just to send a lot of them to their deaths by starting lots of wars?

I mean it seems logical that if Mr Berwick hates Islam so much that he would go out and kill Islamic youth instead of white, non Islamic youth for a start. So there the whole story we read on the media doesn’t make sense already.

I just wonder how long Mr Berwick manages to stay alive in prison because often enough prisoners have the view that they can take justice into their own hands. With the media wanting to black out the trial so that Mr Berwick’s explanations cannot become public does not help to unravel the mysteries of the logic in this very tragic case either.

It seems clear that had Mr Berwick attacked a camp full of Muslim youth, that this would have led to a large Islamic uprising. But would that not have been the ideal platform to initiate that revolution that he is said to be seeking? Why kill the people he is said to try to protect?

Nothing in this concept that is presented to the public makes any sense to me at all.

Please note I do not wish to stipulate violence against anyone but merely try to show the enormously illogical concept that is put in the public sphere.

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  2. Dr Rohen Kapur
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 15:43:49

    He killed the sons and daughters of the political elite who are letting the Muslim invasion go unchecked in his eyes. Of course it is wrong to kill. But these people on that island are Norway’s politicians of the future, They will influence policy, Its the Norwegian equivalent of going to a Common Purpose meeting in Britain and slaughtering them willy nilly. Or the Fabian Society etc.
    I am reading his manifesto, Im upto page 458, most of it is freely available and has been culled from other books and blogs on the web. Its slow going but it does engender a much more realistic view of what the Quran actually states.

    The Quran is a bloodthirsty tome I suggest that everyone read and understand it first.


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