It’s a little bit frightening this political gangland culture

It seems that here in the UK we are 5 – 10 years away from a Norwegian style attack according to a quote of EDL leader that has been published by the BBC, which reads: “Lennon described Breivik as a “sicko” and a “weirdo” but said: “I’ve been saying in my speeches, I think we’re five years away from that happening here, or 10 years, of English lads doing that because of the desperation they’re in.”

This is actually a copy and paste quote as it was published by the BBC today. David Cameron has ordered a probe into how security services deal with a far right threat and the next quote published is equally astonishing to the one above, which says: ”

Under a section entitled “Planning Assumptions 2011 – 2015”, the document says: “There will continue to be isolated individuals who engage in terrorist activity in the name of extreme right or left-wing views or other ideologies.

“They will not pose as high a risk to our national security as terrorism associated with Al Qa’ida.”

There are currently 14 people serving prison sentences in the UK for terrorism offences who “are known to be associated with extreme right-wing groups,” the Contest strategy says.”

The most recent Sunday Mirror, traditionally a Labour supporting paper, warned that because the far right continuous to be outlawed and has no right to publicly air their views, that this is likely to drive them into the Underground and the first quote above acknowledges that this is possible.

Well I should say it is not good enough, that the far right is being ignored and said to be less dangerous than Al Qaeda, such thought is working into their hands and minds. The far right currently enjoys being an indirect beneficiary of Al Qaeda terrorism because the silent far-right seems more friendly when the left is angry. If anything then the far-right is far more dangerous than Al Qaeda because they are home-grown and have better resources if they pull them out of the sewers.

It is merely a question of probability that all sorts of groups have some type of weapons arsenal and the right-wing ones are likely to be better equipped than the lefties.

I think it is a matter of constant vigilance because the thought that young people can be murdered simply because they attend a political event is so horribly, that it is hard to even imagine something like that could happen again. It is a person’s fundamental right to engage politically but other youth organisations like Girls Guides and Boys Scouts are non-political and just as much fun.

I think political rhetoric is just a lot of hot air and often right or left do the same thing just as the other side. Political terrorism is an extreme form of gangland culture that is not better than any other gangland culture, the one we often read about and that was stamped out by the current Mayor of London, when black youth kept on killing other black youth for bizarre reasons.

I think that politics has lost its purpose and is merely another reason to build a gang that stick together come what may. I have had it said to me that one party members said to me, “I would never do anything against my party”, does that give anybody confidence in a party that members stick to it come what may? It seems there is little purpose in a party that cannot be self-critical and doesn’t tolerate members having a critical view.

What further on appears at the bottom of the BBC article is the fact that most far-right extremists are anti-jewish but not anti-Islam, I cannot understand how that comes about, maybe those right-wingers are not adaptable to changed circumstances but being only anti-Jewish will open the floodgate for all other immigrants and I was under the impression that the far right dislikes immigrants of any stripe. But if Breivik is Pro-Jewish and only Anti-Islam then he would support the Jewish lobby directly and indirectly and that causes further ideological mayhem in people’s minds. I think that all those political extremists have not properly thought through what they are for and what they are against.

In the popular politics currently Jews are a valuable part of our political and economic set-up and established within society. For any member of the establishment it is kind of a taboo to make any critical remarks about Jews these days and if Breivik goes along the traditional route and excludes Jewish hate from all his other hates he would directly contradict the whole purpose of the Knights Templars who went out to fight Judaism that established itself in Jerusalem and all others who were against Christianity.

One wonders if Breivik had some bigtime sponsors because it is very unlikely that any one single human being is able to ignore all human emotions we common people have to carry out such an attack completely alone without being edged on or supported. I reckon psychologists can support that view. For any average soldier it takes years of drill and command obedience to be able to carry out solo actions and Breivik cannot be any other than the average human being in that respect especially not as he did not seem to have a learning disability. One mustn’t forget that the far right is often found in well established circles, like after World War II we found plenty of Nazis in government positions and that principle has not changed that the Far Right is most likely well established and very secretive in their activities. I would not believe any public statements of a politician in any case.

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